Saturday, 18 March 2017

Align with Values & Spread Influence

Values drive our choices, preferences, likes & dislikes, decisions and actions… indeed the very direction of our lives.

Knowing, acknowledging and showing resonance with their value-system can often lead to a powerful sense of connectedness, understanding and rapport. Of course it takes some work to make it work! You can’t be faking it that easily, which in any case isn't what you’d want to do either.

So, get to know them better with each interaction and beyond. Observe and notice with a lot of thought and positive curiosity. Hold the urge to rush into snap judgements and assuming there’s nothing more to know!

What are they very passionate about? What are their pet themes and ideas? Where and how do they spend their time? What do they absolutely enjoy doing? Who are their role models, friends, trusted partners? What do you see in common between them and their role models, friends and partners? What do they like talking about? All these questions give you indications about their value system, their strong preferences, likes and dislikes, and what really influences them.

What agitates them? What gets them infuriated? What kind of actions, incidents and behaviors throw them into a tizzy? Are there topics they wouldn't want to discuss? What do you think will push them to fight till the finish? You’ll get clues about values that they’ll defend, come what may!

Get going with the influence thing, one conversation at a time!
ReachOutNOW, ReachOut2win :-)

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